Wall Mirrors

Stylish and Practical Wall Mirrors that Enhance your space


Whether it’s to create the illusion of space to make a small room look larger or to bring in some light, wall mirrors make great functional and decorative pieces, a balance of functionality and personality to your home. The perfect mirror is all about finding the right size, frame, shape, and of course how it is displayed.


Here at Showrooms2220, we have a wonderfully curated collection of wall mirrors for sale, from trend-setting modern wall mirror pieces that exude contemporary vibes, to the timeless elegance of vintage or antique wall mirrors.



Visually Enlarging the Interior with Wall Mirrors


A well-placed mirror, particularly a large mirror can take full advantage of the natural light available, visually expanding the space and refreshing the look as well. When placed in front of a window, a mirror brings reflected daylight to your living space, brightening up your interior.  Adding a long mirror to an area of the house that has limited space, such as a narrow hallway or landing, will make it appear larger.


Wall Mirror That Enhances Your Decor


There are several styles and shapes of wall mirrors available, so you can choose one that perfectly matches the design and character of your room.

Retro/Vintage Style:  A mirror with a distressed finish, giving it an antique appearance

Modern Style :  Uniquely shaped mirror with additional features such as LED lights

Boho Style :  Macramé framed mirror made of beautifully woven cotton

Scandinavian Style :  Mirror with minimalist frame in black or white

Glamor Style :  Art deco mirror with silver, gold, or mirror frame.


Rustic Style :  A mirror with teak wood or rattan frame.


Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, including full-length mirrors, oval mirrors, square mirrors, abstract shapes, rectangle mirrors, and round mirrors. Think beyond the usual rectangle and round mirrors, such as scalloped, heart-shaped or sunburst mirrorA frame's height, shape, and material will add texture and color to the wall as well.



Mid Century Modern Wall Mirrors


Reflecting timeless elegance and minimalism, mid-century wall mirrors are among the most inspired ways to transform a whole room from a dingy, dark space to a bright, airy one. Whether it’s to make an ornate statement with a gold-leaf finished vintage mirror or to go for a more contemporary approach with a sleek black frame, there’s no settling when it comes to mid-century modern wall mirrors. 


Browse through Showrooms2220's selection from classic and contemporary wall mirror designs toArt deco, Scandi, Maroq, French and loft-style industrial mirrors. Whether it’s to enhance your space with a show-stopping wall-hanging mirror or an ornate and classic mirror for your mantelpiece, we a style to fit every need.