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Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Vase For Sale Online

With bids beginning from $500 to $9,000, our fine collection includes pieces suitable for the home of any tastemaker. Highlighted lots include several important vases by artists such as Paul Mergier, J. Reece, and Emanuel Josef Margold, amongst others. Here are some of our popular artists/styles:

Paul Mergier

Known as the man of many talents, Mergier was a painter, enameller, cabinetmaker, coppersmith, and theorist. He was mainly inspired by the Fauvism art movement. Many of his works capture vibrant colors. One of the pieces available for sale is a mixed metal vase, titled Ringmaster, from circa 1930.

Gaston Goor

A French illustrator and painter, Goor was known for his graphic art. He was active between the 1920s and 1930s. He was strongly influenced by the paintings in the Louvre at a very young age. The collection also features an Art Deco ceramic vase that dates back to the 1930s.

Jean Mayodon

Among Europe’s leading artists in the Art Deco period, Jean Mayodon’s work can be characterized by striking colors and figurative illustrations. He shifted his interest from interior designing towards ceramics in his twenties. Mayodon’s vase, titled Nude Hunters with Deer is an exceptional addition to any collection.

Chinese Style (Blue and White) Porcelain

Blue and white porcelains gained prominence in China during the Tang dynasty. The blue-glazed ceramic pieces got their unique color from cobalt, which was imported from Persia. Cobalt was used in limited quantities. Blue and white pottery gained great recognition during the Qing dynasty.
These vintage, mid-century and modern vases can find an audience in everyone. Explore our pieces from across the world and find the best deal today!