Modern Urn Vase


Stylish and elegant, urns can be used both inside your home and your outside garden as decorative accents, giving guests an experience they'll treasure. An urn, in the classical sense, is a large decorative vase made from pottery, metal, wood, and other materials. As a chic alternative to a vase, these vessels with a footed base, high shoulders, and a typically narrowed neck, often with a cover were a ubiquitous symbol of decorative arts and architecture during the Neoclassic period. In addition to funerary urns that have been made to hold the ashes of loved ones, there have also been urns made for multiple purposes, such as in catering for serving tea or coffee, as metal cylinders of purely functional design, or as architectural ornaments on buildings. At Showrooms2220, you can choose from a wide selection of urns in different sizes and materials to complement the color scheme in your space.


Uses of Urns


From decorative mantelpieces to vase-shaped containers, most urns serve as the favorite vessels for holding flowers or simply adorning a console. An ideal addition to an elegant, formal setting, Garden urns are often used to flank doorways, mark terrace boundaries, or decorate gates. Garden urns are often used as containers for plants today, though they are regarded as decorative objects. We have an exquisite collection of antique and modern urns to add a touch of class to any garden. Give your garden a timeless elegance with vintage and mid-century modern urns for sale at Showrooms2220.


No matter what event you're planning, you’ll be sure to find just the right urn from our exquisite collection ranging from antique urns in stone or marble, cast iron art deco urns, cast iron and terracotta urns, as well as many mid-century modern composition stone urns.