Twin Beds

Modern Twin Beds for your Stylish bedroom


Twin Beds are a space-saver in small rooms.  As one of the most versatile beds, a twin bed is ideal for kid’s bedrooms, guest rooms and college dorm rooms.  An extra-long variation - the Twin XL is a better fit for teens, college students, and taller individuals. From modern twin beds to vintage and antique twin beds, Showrooms2220 features many innovative and new designs to choose from, from a wide array of brands that fit comfortably and practically into your bedroom. 


Features of the Twin Size Bed

Twin beds have a couple of significant benefits over other sizes.


Size Benefit: Bedrooms with twin beds benefit from space-saving functionality. The twin bed dimensions take up less floor space than other options, making them ideal for people with limited space, leaving plenty of space for other bedroom furnishings. 


Price Benefit: Twin beds are an excellent choice for those on a budget as they are usually less expensive than other bed sizes. 


Comfort level Benefit: As well as providing maximum comfort for children, twin beds make good transitional beds for young children who have grown out of their toddler beds.


Good sleep depends in part on having a bed and mattress of the right size. Hence when shopping for a bed, whether it’s a twin bed, full-size bed, day bed, queen size bed, king size bed, or otherwise, you’ll need to buy a bed with the right dimensions in relation to the size of the room.