Still life

Still Life Painting


A still life painting is often among the most impressive works of art created by artists. This genre of painting in fine art typically depicts everyday inanimate objects, and comprises realistic or abstract presentations, depending on the style and subject the artist envisions as well as the particular time and culture in which it was created. These works of art can be a celebration of material pleasures or a warning of the ephemeral nature of these pleasures and of life's brevity. Because of these, these paintings may portray anything from a specific culture or lifestyle to an abstract idea, or to a set of values specific to the artist. At Showrooms2220, we offer an extensive collection of famous still life paintings, including pieces by some of the most revered still life painters in the history of art, such as Renoir, Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh.


While still life paintings are typical depictions of everyday, but still, they manage to evoke strong emotions of joy, melancholy, or intelligence. The use of color, shape, and perspective of the artist in a still life painting is what makes them so distinctive and captivating. The objects are given a whole new perspective that transcends expectations and their existence becomes timeless. As well as the artist's choice of object(s), his/her carefully arranged arrangement of them carry symbolic significance. The artist has complete control over the subject matter, lighting, and context of the painting and may use the medium to express an idea symbolically or allegorically or to study composition as well as the elements and principles of the genre.


This genre of the painting features a wide variety of arrangements of inanimate, everyday objects, whether natural objects (flower or fruit still life painting) or manufactured items (books, furniture, etc. ), giving the artist incredible control over the subjects, the lighting, and other components of the artwork that makes this style of painting incredibly popular among artists. Browse through the wide variety of these highly detailed and beautifully painted artworks on still life at Showrooms2220. Explore our abstract, expressionistic, and realistic still life oil paintings to discover the styles, techniques, and forms of painting available in this genre.