Guide to Vintage, Mid-century, Modern Silver For Sale Online

Collecting silver includes a wide range of categories in the decorative arts. Such purchases are more than just accessories for an interior. So here is a guide to help you narrow down your focus.

1. Consider the emotions that the object ...

The first rule is the sentiment evoked by glancing at the item. minimalist lines or Baroque curves, simplistic or detailed motifs, all combine to give a pleasant emotion. Following the fulfillment of the visual criteria, you need to look into the tactile. Contact with a picture or a furniture piece does not offer the same sense of fulfillment as a silver object. The item also needs to be heavy as weight is a crucial element.

2. Determine the stylistic importance

Silver’s style is the second major factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Its significance during its production period must be assessed. A tea service set in the style of Louis XVI produced under Napoleon III will have a higher appeal, in comparison to the one that is of today's time.

3. Focus on the silver’s traditional value

Another intriguing element is the influence of culture and classic design. Hanau, Germany, at the turn of the nineteenth century, is a notable example. Goldsmiths in this German city created a variety of Renaissance and 17th-century designs, such as steins, and pineapple-shaped coupes.

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