Queen Size Bed

Modern Queen Size Beds with a Wide Range of Colors, Styles and Decor 


When it comes to bed sizes, queen-size beds remain the most popular choice and are sold more than any other bed size in the U.S.  At Showrooms2220, we offer an impressive array of queen size beds for sale, featuring many designs and price variations with the inclusion of bed frames.


Bed sizes typically available in the U.S. range in sizes and dimensions and are known as the king size bed, queen size bed, twin bed, full-size bed, day bed, and headbed. Hence, when selecting the right bed size for you, the dimensions are an important consideration. 


How Big is a Queen Size Bed


The standard queen size bed's dimensions are 60 inches (152 cm) wide by 80 inches (203 cm) long. In some cases, Queen Size Bed frames are not made to standard size and it’s important to refer to manufacturers' details.


Features of Queen Size Beds


Queen Beds are perfect for people with smaller living spaces, as these size beds give a person ample space without overataking a room.

The size of a queen bed makes it ideal to fit comfortably in most standard-sized bedrooms.  Additionally, queen beds will also leave enough space in your bedroom for additional furniture. For this reason, queen beds work well for small primary bedrooms, guest rooms, hotels, and vacation homes. The queen-size bed can be the perfect focal point in a master bedroom.


A queen bed has the additional benefit of having under-bed storage space. A queen-size mattress wears more evenly due to lower indentations, prolonging the life of the mattress. You can purchase a queen-size bed for a low price that offers the same benefits as a mid century modern king  bed. The appearance of a queen size bed in a small bedroom will not seem bulky and they are easy to move due to their lightweight, making them suitable for apartments and smaller and spaces.


Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture. Buying a queen-size bed frame that is ideal for your needs and space is crucial. They're an investment, so make sure it's one that you enjoy. Get a glimpse of what's trending and what's right for your bedroom by checking the queen-size bed designs online at Showrooms2220.