Dining Chairs

Dining Chair From Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Periods



When it comes to purchasing furniture and accessories for the dining room, people mostly think of large statement pieces before their dining room chairs. 

With work from home and remote learning being the new normal, dining chairs have evolved to become a multi-tasking utility. 


They should be comfortable enough for your family and guests and in line with your decor, setting the tone of your dining space. Showrooms 2220, with its extensive collection of dining chairs for sale, makes it easy to select the perfect dining chairs that reflect your taste, personality as well as intended function. 


Let’s take you through the essentials in selecting the best dining room chairs for your home.  


The Ideal Scales of Dining Chairs for Comfort


Seat Height

Proportion and scale set the standard for a comfortable home. It’s important to note that that the dining table and dining chairs go together in height and comfort. For perfect ergonomics, the standard height of the dining chair seat to the tabletop should be 28 cms. These days, the standard height of dining tables is around 76 cms and for the majority of chairs, the standard chair seat from the floor is around 48 cms high that makes it easy to achieve 28 cms. 


Space Between Chairs

Besides compatible height, width is also important, or else, your diners won’t feel comfortable. Most dining chairs available have a width of around 41 to 51 cms. To keep a comfortable distance, the rule of thumb is to leave a minimum of 61 cms gap between the middle points of the seats of two adjacent chairs. If you are choosing armchairs, add an additional 5 cms of space per seat. 


Guide to Dining Chair Style


In today’s market, you will be lost for choices with the overwhelming range of furniture designs available. From modern to classic, contemporary, rustic and minimalist, you’ll be amazed to see the bewildering variety of chairs. So how to go about selecting the perfect one for your home? The choice definitely has to go with your personal taste as well as the purpose. It also has to do with your choice of style to suit the interior.


1. Go for slat-back or ladder-back chairs for a country-style look.

2. Try Windsor as vintage dining chairs for a more traditional dining room.

3. Beautiful contemporary style chairs are perfect as modern dining chairs. 

4. Opt for tall parsons dining chairs for a formal and elegant look or wicker chairs with ornate dining tables for a Victorian-styled look. 

5. You can also go for the wrought iron dining chairs that can be ornate or casual in addition to being sturdy.