Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Chaise For Sale Online


In today’s world, furniture with a fusion of both style and comfort has become an item of luxury. Chaise lounges are an excellent example of such lavishness. It can make for a more comfortable yet exciting living space. As the name suggests, Chaise lounges are quite suitable for lounging as well.

The first chaise was introduced in Egypt in the 1st dynasty (3100–2890 BC). The Romans used a chaise as a chair as well as a daybed. Later, in the 19th century, they were mostly found in the opulent houses in France.

Known for its design and functionality, the chaise can make a great addition to any vintage or mid-century modern setting. Here are some reasons why a chaise chair might be the most suitable option for your interior.

1) A chaise will not interrupt the view

Chaise lounges are not as tall as other chairs ex.A Mid-Century Modern teak lounge chair, circa 1950. This allows you to disperse attention throughout the room, without interrupting your sightlines. They can also be placed to highlight the important features of the room such as archway windows or fireplaces.

2) A chaise can make a small room appear larger

If you just have a compact living area, a backless chaise chair will make your space seem more spacious, unlike a sofa. A chaise lounge in the middle of the room has less visual effect than a large couch and would look more graceful.

3) Interesting sculptural elements

A chaise could break the monotony of a room ex.A Mid-Century designed lounge chair, white shagreen leather with polished chrome finish, 1952. By placing the piece alongside some antique console table, you will create an interesting dimension for your guests.

These decorative and versatile pieces come in all sizes and shapes. Discover vintage, mid-century, and modern chaise for sale online and get the best deals today!