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A print is a form of art produced in several iterations using a transfer technique. There are several different kinds of prints, but the three most well-known methods are lithography, etching, and screenprinting. Read on to learn more about these techniques.


Etching prints are created with a metal frame coated with wax. The design is usually drawn with the use of needles. The frame is immersed in acid, forming a pattern of scratched lines. The darkness of these lines depends on the amount of time the plate is immersed in acid. It is then applied to dampened paper before being pressed through an etching press, which allows the paper to soak up the ink and form etched lines. From vintage to modern mid-century prints, etching has long been used to make black and white imageries. This technique is often used to create atmospheric effects


This printing process is achieved with the use of a grease-based medium to draw on a stone. Ink is added to a greased image, ensuring that the image can absorb printing ink. The nonimage or blank spaces draw water and repel lithographic ink. It is then printed with oil-based ink on a press by exerting a sliding pressure. Lithography started gaining popularity among artists and collectors alike during the 1800s. Today, this art medium has become a principal form of expression.


Screenprinting is also known as silk screening. It is a printing technique where a stenciled design is transferred onto a flat frame using a squeegee, ink, and a mesh screen. A paper is installed beneath the screen, and ink or paint is pushed through to produce an imprint of the design. This technique was a significant innovation for Pop Art artists, who would go on to use screenprinting as their primary medium.

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