Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Pendant lights For Sale Online


From kitchen island to study area, pendant lights have long been a popular choice for interiors that require direct lighting. However, their uses go beyond just brightening a corner. Pendant lights can also be a great addition to your home decor to create a luxurious space. With the right lighting piece, you can set the mood of the room and elevate your space.

Because they drop from the ceiling, they work well in spaces with high ceilings. This is the reason why corporate buildings use pendants as industrial lights. But you can simply use these lights for their visual appeal and aesthetic.

Explore our collection of vintage, mid-century and modern pendants. From dining areas and hallways to offices, and cafes, our designer pendant lights can be placed anywhere you like. Read on to find the best lighting for every space.

Home Entrances:

A solitary pendant instantly invites you with a hearty welcome in Home Decor. This ambient light brings a homey feel that will leave the guests feeling warm as soon as they enter the entranceway. For longer corridors, place a row of modern pendant lights for a monochromatic look. On the other hand, a feature pendant paired with linear pendants can also create a beautiful setting.


Living Room Pendant lights:

Liven up your living area with delightful pendants designs. To select an ideal design, make sure your preferred light’s hue does not clash with your room's color scheme. Blending the entire set together is the most important part while making a purchase decision. A minimalistic shape can look great in a modern-day interior.

Kitchen Pendant lights:


Allow some lively glow to cheer up your kitchen space by installing pendant lights over the kitchen table or kitchen island. This will act as decadent accents that will help create a discernible open-space in the kitchen, particularly in wide areas.

From mid-century modern to vintage designs, all of the pendants offered at Showrooms at 2220 are produced by renowned furniture dealers around the world. Browse through the catalog of unique pieces and get the best deals today!