Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Sculptures


Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Bronze Sculptures For Sale Online

What are Bronzes Sculptures ?

A bronze sculpture is a three-dimensional work of art created by a process called casting, where molten bronze is poured into a mold. It is produced by melting the two metals: copper and tin and cooling them to solidify.

History of Bronze Sculptures 

About 5000 years ago, humans found various uses of bronze. This allowed them to move forward to the Bronze Age (3300 - 1200 BCE). In ancient times, bronze was used to create weapons and tools. After the Renaissance period, however, the use of bronzes as an art medium started to become popular. It was only in the early 19th century that bronze created interest among the artists. Unlike any other art medium, people’s affinity towards bronze has only increased since.

Top bronze sculptures available at Showrooms 2220

Showrooms at 2220 offers outstanding examples of vintage as well as mid-century modern bronze sculptures. One of the available pieces is A Roman bronze work from 1904. It depicts a nude female figure embracing a lily pad. Influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, this piece has a patina and a foundry mark.

Additionally, the sale catalog also includes Giannino Castiglioni’s The Idea of Rotary. This rare bronze shows a nude male holding the Rotary shield and a torch on each side. Another bronze piece of interest is titled Sprites with Amphorae by Edward McCartan. The bronze candlesticks depict male and female figures carrying an Amphora, both mounted on a gilded sphere. As they pose with their backs arched, they look away from the viewer. Explore more of these interesting vintage, mid-century and modern bronze for sale online on Showrooms at 2220.